• Professionalism

    We follow the entire production process, such as extraction, shaping and finishing, thus ensuring quality, delivery times and costs of the entire process inherent to the order.
  • Speed

    Ludistones, Lda, leads the entire production and logistics process. Knowing the stock availability of our partners, we can guarantee a fastest delivery of our products.
  • Quality

    Ludistones, Lda, depends on its customers. Therefore, we work daily to understand their needs, current and future and to meet their requirements. We're constantly striving to exceed our clients’ expectations, doing extensive research on the best techniques, processes and materials to ensure the quality of our products.
  • Commercialization

    Ludistones, Lda, has no extraction services, so we are not attached to any type of stone and we use our experience and knowledge to counsel and always ensure the best natural stone solution on both budgetary and qualitative levels.
  • Dispatch

    Ludistones, Lda, ensures the whole process of dispatching their products, ensuring the best conditioning, logistics and speed of delivery.
    We can deliver anywhere in the world.